Cyclists wandering carelessly in varied locations, wildly sunny landscapes, intriguing abstracts and environment statements portrayed as mountains covered in ice are the most frequent themes in Clovis Postali’s oil and acrylic paintings. His works convey not only present-day issues, but also celebrate his love for our world and life itself

Grandson of Italian immigrants, Postali was born and raised in a small town in the most southern state of Brazil. Although there were many artists in the family he chose to obtain a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering and earn a living working in the beverage industry. Constant travels throughout the world and the ever-present love for all forms of art sharpened his perception and consolidated his will of expressing himself as a visual artist.

After living in several continents, Clovis left the corporate life for good and became a full-time artist. He shows his work at Silver Street Studios and on occasional solo/group shows. He has chosen Houston, Texas, as his place of residency since 2011.